Hello, LaTeX!

Playing around with LaTeX formuals for funRead More →

Journal Club: Talking About Large Language Models

Notes on Murray Shanahan's "Talking About Larger Language Models"Read More →

I Love Computers

Working on computers for fun ... and not for profitRead More →

One Day Of Advent Of Code

Working on Advent of Code and learning to take only what you need from somethingRead More →

The Coconut Programing Language

A functional programming language that compiles to PythonRead More →

Where The Water Goes by David Owen

Life and death along the Colorado RiverRead More →

The Crystal Programming Language

A quick peek at at the Crystal programming languageRead More →

SQLite and DuckDB

Diving into a recent paper on running OLAP workloads on my favorite databaseRead More →

Hello, Darkness

My old Friend ...Read More →

Hello, World!

First Post!Read More →

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